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Storefront. A quick and easy way to upload your files and action your jobs

Easily upload all of your hi-res files without the need to use your own ftp (download/upload usage), or involving a file send link system. This should assist in several ways:

  • Ease & speed of uploading, with all size files. Streamlining the production process.
  • Your own username & password (will re-issue if you forget your password).
  • Negate file use capacity & upload/download usage on your own site.
  • Eliminate costs associated with file send link sites (e.g. Hightail/WeTransfer) etc. & importantly no cost to our valued customers.
  • Integrates with our Agfa Apogee pre-press system. Instant feedback if any files are incomplete or corrupt. The storefront system, which is linked to our pre-press, will generate a notification. You will be asked to re-upload with a corrected file. For e.g. if missing, trims, bleeds, fonts etc, or if low res or RGB images have been supplied.
  • Select your upload for POS (point of sale items) & multi-page order forms/catalogues etc.
  • The system will automatically notify us of your file send (no requirement to send to different digital or offset print ftp sites). No lost files or failure to receive.
  • Nb. You can upload the artwork file and have it in your account, but not submit to us until you are ready (we don't get the file until you checkout).

If you would like access to our Storefront facility or would like your graphic designer set up with one, please call us and we’ll be happy to setup an account and create ‘users’ . Alternately if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.