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Xmas Tree Hanging Mobiles

The Brief

Xmas tree hanging mobiles as POS for a major book publisher. 'Singing pigs' were created as the bauble feature, to compliment the characters of a book for children & young readers.

We were engaged by the marketing dept. of a major book publisher to develop a method & work out the mechanics of producing a Xmas tree mobile.

The key was to link all pieces together, whilst hanging from a single swivel point on the ceiling of bookstores, at the same time keeping the form of the multi- piece tree.

The tree mobile also needed to be freestanding, in case the bookstore preferred it located on the floor. It needed to be able to have the message/tagline clearly visible & whilst maintaining the Xmas theme at the point of purchase.


Mock ups were created to a pre-engineered thickness, to allow the two main pieces of the tree to wedge into the other. A couple of samples were created to perfect the construction method & key lines sent to the designer for image & logo placement.


Our Vutek LED UV inkjet printer applied print to each side of the1.5mm screen boards. In total, 4 separate images were required to make the tree symmetrical. This required the back-up prints to be different on each side, which would see close register maintained for back up printing.

A single hole point was introduced into the star at the top of the tree & slits were added to the knife line at the base of the baubles, to facilitate the multiple hanging pieces.

The shapes were individually die-cut in a knife free process, on our Aristo flatbed CAD plotter cutter.

Each section was stripped out along with the 8 x pig mobile baubles. Nylon line with pearl drop ends were attached to all hanging pig pieces, with a single hanging wire piece & a selfadhesive hanging swivel mount. The whole unit needed to be attached securely from a ceiling point.

Each set was collated (8 baubles+2 main pieces+hang wires+adhesive swivel mounts) & inserted into a plastic polybag, sealed & 42 units were delivered for specific bookstores to display in the children’s section, conveying the message that it was possible for ‘Pigs to fly & sing’.