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pop up Cube


The Brief

An existing client contacted us with regards to making and supplying a quirky stand out invite for their Xmas Party.

There were no design parameters or guidelines other than Australia Post requirements in relation to a DL direct marketing piece.


Pre-Production, sampling & development

A new knife line was required for the 2 part invite - an industrial design engineer was briefed & the specs needed to include fitting inside a DL wallet for posting. A blank sample was created in the same board which would be used in the finished item to check Australia Post requirements.

Our client’s art department created their art to our model and a working sample was commissioned from our CAD design in conjunction with Vutek digital press and our Aristo Plotter.

Over a series of client art department meetings, new samples were designed to accommodate their changes to produce the final shape, size and the mechanics of the product.


Tooling was ordered, knives made comprising of the 2 separate pieces making up the invite. Sheets were printed to ISO standards. The invites were required completely made up flat and pop-up cube inserted, ready for posting.

From initial concept & briefing to finished production, although extended through alterations & re-modelling, actual production time was effectively completed in just under 1 week.