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Welcome 2015

Welcome 2015

Yes 2015 is upon us and certainly clipping along. We here at John Fisher Printing are moving fast to make the most of it.

One of the highlights that occurred in late 2014 was the installation of our new EFI Vutek GS3250LX wide format printer with cool LED curing. It’s opened a great many opportunities to serve our clients better with the ability to print on a number of different and interesting substrates.

Considered printing on bubble wrap? Or perhaps ultra-thin LDPE plastic? Maybe even reflective mirror surfaces? In fact our Vutek can print on many types of membranes that are susceptible to heat and have been considered impossible to print on in the past. So for creative agencies looking to expand their product offerings especially for short run packaging and point of sale, this is a dream come true. When combining this ability with our additional printing and finishing offerings, we are now set as one of Sydney’s most flexible print suppliers. 

We demonstrated the Vutek LED curing capabilities in our December 2014 “Cool Cure” event. It was an “icy cold” themed launch with cold beer and champagne flowing. Our clients sipped, nibbled and chatted while listening to the cool sounds of Soft Kitty.

It was during this relaxed cocktail party that we demonstrated our proactive evolution in the print industry over the last 50 years. One guest gave this positive feedback to the event and the flow on from it; “As a designer and marketer, I was very interested to see what possibilities and innovations John Fisher Printing could provide for my clients, and I was impressed, so much so that we recently launched a campaign for Pure Gelato’s 21st Birthday utilising Window Decals, Display Cubes Wall Prints, Display Stands, Bunting and other items seen at the Cool Cure event. Dealing with John Fisher printing was easy and they are great to work with in providing innovative solutions.” Carol Lobo, Creative Director at Spark Interact.

If you’ve got a campaign or product that could benefit with an edge, then LED curing could be the answer. Give us a call to discuss possibilities. We are here to provide all the advice you need. 

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