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These are unique and challenging times and we are not immune to the damage the COVID-19 Coronavirus is causing...

Although the uncertainty is slowly being replaced with a resolve & positivity to implement those measures necessary to meet the challenges ahead. Initiatives by the government for businesses and employees alike is allowing some surety and confidence to return. Our aim is to keep our staff employed and work for our customers flowing, with as little disruption as possible.

Production availability is good and delivery times have never been better!



We are continuing to:


  • Provide our clients with the most efficient turnarounds and best service possible.
  • Ensure our staff are staying safe and healthy.
  • Introduce the disinfection of equipment and machinery, work consoles, phone handsets, door handles and commonly used staff amenities.
  • Encourage higher degrees of personal hygiene practices.
  • Minimise interaction with couriers and freight companies.

All of these efforts and protocols mean we can continue to produce the highest quality work for all customers with the highest regard to our customers' and employees' health and welfare.


One available free of charge to each of our regular customers*

In these times, social contact is just as important as ‘Social Distancing’ (Oxymoron). This is why we have decided to call it ‘Healthy Distancing’ and will be using this slogan in our "Workplace Signage Pack" of which we are making one available free of charge to each of our regular customers.

If you would prefer a pack with the ‘Social Distancing’ Creative, we are happy to supply this instead of the ‘Healthy Distancing' Creative. We can deliver the ‘Starter Pack’ to your premises, if your office is open, or we can keep it for you, to deliver upon resumption of office services. Please advise which you would prefer and a contact name. If you would like to order additional packs or individual signs, we will supply them at a ‘Special Rate’.


We are fortunate to maintain a healthy business which has seen many challenging times over the last 60 years. We may not be able to accept on-site visits or consultations, but rest assured you are most welcome to call us on our landline or mobiles. We would be more than happy to speak with you.


We wish our customers good health & look forward to making our relationship stronger than ever. 

 On Behalf of the Management & Team at John Fisher & Rapid Printing.


Brand New Mural on Factory Facade!
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