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Knock the Socks off your Clients with 3D Designs

Bring new life to your clients' product or packaging by taking advantage of our 3D design facility. We work with you to create the best possible way to represent a product design to your client. 3D design provides a unique and tangible display of a product design and will be an invaluable tool for pitches, boosting sales and retaining clients. Contact us today to discuss your clients' expectations for their packaging and POS needs and find out how you can wow them with a 3D rendition.

Present Your Challenges
You need to present your clients with an exciting 3D design that comes to life, illustrating exactly how their packaging or display will appear. You also want a well-established design and print company that is ready to meet and exceed your expectations, and present a product on time and within budget. You've found all that and more at John Fisher Printing.

Solutions That Fit
Unveil a masterful rendition of your clients' merchandise packaging or displays. A 3D image puts the product into their hands, so they can see the best possible solution to showcase their brand.

The Benefits of 3D Design
Our 3D design capabilities are not widely offered in the industry, which means you will be able to offer a distinct and exclusive presentation of your customers' prototype. In addition to flexibility, you see exactly what your product looks like, whether it's built or flat deconstructed. Have an existing design? Let us show you how it looks when converted to a 3D rendered image. All this expertise comes to you at a very reasonable cost.

3D Design Evolution
The production process begins with a design of the packaging, keeping in mind product size and weight, in addition to how it will be used, transported, and displayed. Our engineers produce a unique design or adapt an existing one to create a 3D image, converted to a PDF to present to your clients.

To illustrate more closely how the product packaging will appear, we can easily apply logos or designs. For more relevance, we can create a dummy product, either blank or printed, so your client has something tangible to take for a test drive.

Our CAD design renders the component as a 3D product viewed from all sides, or as a flat and stepped progressive piece. Your client can also view it under different lighting conditions, so there is no guessing as to how the package or display will appear in stores or offices.

Get in touch with us at John Fisher today and we will show you exactly how your clients' products can come to life.